WHY 150 ? 

Some 150 years ago,  the slavery (french version only) was abolished in Reunion Island, on the 20th of december 1848. We all wish to commemorate this anniversary, and lot of activities will be presented for this Event. Reunion's radioamators, with our local club A.R.R.A. (Association Reunionnaise des RadioAmateurs) , wish to take part to this commemoration. It's true that radio waves travel freely all over the World and farther, and that we know how much we all enjoy them to do so ... 




The challenge, will be to stay for 3 days on the top of our Island at some 3069 meters of altitude, with a never made portable radioamateur activity in Reunion. The " Piton des Neiges " will be our non-stop operating site on the 18,19 and 20th of december. We wish to complete with 4000 contacts or more, all over the World, with the help of 10 operators. The special call will be TO150, and will be used for this period only. A special contact's confirmation card (QSL) will be printed. 

We will be on CW and Phone, from 160m to 2m (beams on 50 and 144 Mhz) , and some RTTY capability on HF only. 

We should have a possibility to get connection to the Internet from our operating site, through a local Ham who will collect and send the data to the Piton des Neiges via VHF. That means that any Ham having Internet facility will be able to check if wether or not he has really been logged, with a delay that we hope to be short. 

We also wish to periodically embellish our web site with pictures of our location and equipment, and we should be able to answer Emails too. 


FR1GZ VHF 50 & 144 MHz - very active on 50 MHz. 
- qrv satellite at home
FR5CC HF cw - the youngest of the expedition fr5cc@amsat.org
FR5CU HF phone - manager team 
- king of soldering-iron
FR5DD HF cw - is born key in hand
FR5DN HF cw 
VHF 50 &144 MHz
-  VHF 
- qrv EME
FR5GM HF phone - was qrv during mondial cup fr5gm@usa.net
FR5GS HF phone - manager team 
- loves RTTY
FR5FC HF phone - manager team 
- bridge radio & internet
FR5FZ HF phone - Send msg on MIR PBBS dalleau@oceanes.fr
FR5IB HF cw -Always qrv fr5ib@oceanes.fr

LOCALISATION   The "Piton des Neiges" is the oldest of the 2 volcanos which built Reunion Island. It has emerged from the ocean some 3 millions years ago and has 
stopped its activity only 20.000 years from now. The youngest is " le Piton de la Fournaise" , 500.000 years of age, and still having a regular activity. The altitude of "le Piton des Neiges " is 3069m,  and you need 5 hours of hard climbing from "Cilaos"  to finally reach its summit. 

We ll have 3 tents (see map

See some pictures taken during our recognition day on 10 08 98 




The transceivers and computers will be placed into tent A and B (distant of some 97 meters) . Each tent will have a computer dedicated to the log entries (we ll use WRITELOG software network version), and all computers will be connected to each other through optical fibre. They will share a unique data base, at HTML format. A local Ham situated at Saint-Denis, the capital city, will collect our data with the packet VHF link between us, and will route them on the TO150 web site. Emails and feedback from the Internet will be forwarded to us via the same way. 

    Tent A 
        • Tx 50 Mhz (IC706MK2) - Beam 5el.
        • Tx 144 Mhz (TS790E) - Beam 17el.
        • TX HF - verticale antenna RV6 : 28/24/21/18/14/7 Mhz
        • TX HF - verticale monoband : 28/24/21/18
        • Long wire for160m band (2x56m  )

    Tent B