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20 Décembre 1996 : Premiliminary agreement of cooperation between school students of the Republic of Naltchik (KB) Federation of Russia and those of FR5KJ Radio-Club from college Jules Reydellet (Saint-Denis Reunion Island France)

10 Février 1997 : The Headmaster of Charles de Gaulle de Muret Secondary school -Haute Garonne) and the headmaster of West Electronical High school (Rouen) grive the support of their specialized sections to the project

20 Février 1997 : Official signature of the cooperation treaty between the schools, presided by Mrs SUDRE, Minister of French-speaking , during a live video conference. The astronautic Federation of Russia in Moscou and the Fliying Club in France, joined together to carry out the project.

Mars 1997 : Elaboration of differents studies or researches of the radio module, efficient help of radio-amateur in Reunion Island.

19 Mars 1997 : The program celled " 40 sponsors for Spoutnik 40th anniversary " is published. It request to the great international partners a financial participation.

30 Mars 1997 : Visit of Mr PIGNOLET and Mr BALLINI from the French Flying Club in Naltchik : contact and visit of the place where the cell is built, elaboration of the first plan.

18 Avril 1997 : Visit of the Russian delegation composed by M. KOURILOV, BODINE and FYODOROV to elaborate the final plan of specifications.
They are with the russian cosmonaut A.SEREBROV and his wife.
The AIF seminary begins led by Dr Guy PIGNOLET in Ste Rose.

Mai 1997 : Phase of construction of the elements, radio in St Denis and mechanics in Naltchik.

Juin 1997 : Clarification phase

Juillet 1997 : Delivery of " radio " elements to Naltchik team and integration into the model satellite. Sendind of the model to MIR station.

4 Octobre 1997 : Space lauch and first " bip-bip " signals " Spoutnik day " set up by the ANSTJ association and microrockets clubs.

12 Octobre 1997 : Space lauch delayed to oct 12th

Novembre 1997 : Trajectory resolution and calculation of Kleperian elements to refind the model when in space.

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