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For the 40th anniversary of the launching of SPOUTNIK-1 and the beginning of fhe space Conquest, l'Aeroclub of France and Russian Astronautical Federation are associated to commemorate this event.

Last 20th february during a visio conference they were god fathers for the signature of the protocole of action between the radioclub FR5KJ of Jules Reydellet College in St Denis Reunion Island and the Polytechnic Laboratory of Nalchik Kabardine Balkar Republique (Russian Federation)

The goal of the Project is to interest as many young people as possible in space matter, leading to an extraordinary realisation and may be to get later a job in this field...

The pupils from the two schools are working on a SPOUTNIK I miniature satellite  which will be able to work in space, when it will be hand thrawn by a cosmonaut from the MIR orbital station.

The russians will build the satellite body in wich will be placed the transmitter made by the french pupils

It will emit a "bip, bip" (sound track38 ko) on the 2 meters band 144 mhz, from october the 4th 1997.

During one month, every VHF equiped amateur radio station in the world will be able to receive the signal emited from the miniature satellite ; everybody will be able to listen to this signal with the use of a receiver kit (presently in project). (See also "  listeners ").

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