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Campaign "40 sponsors for the anniversary of Spoutnik and the beginning of the space conquest "

To help the putting of the satellite in orbit and to valorize the young partner's work,the Aeroclub of France (AeCF) and the Astronautical Federation of Russia (Far) have promised to collect the necessary money asking everyone in the world to take part in this action , Institutions, any Entreprises and Private people , motivated people..

The AéCF and the FAR have proposed fourty 30 000 Francs " tickets "

Ces 40 exclusive sponsors , will be the privileged witnesses of the 40th anniversary of the entry of nankind in the space conquest.This capital will be deposited by the sponsors on a special banking account of AéCF. Each gift, each 30 000 Francs ticket will be used as follows : 20 000 F will be transfered on a blocked account. Exclusively devoted to launching expenses, the other 10 000 francs will the actual contribution to the good carrying out of the project..

The sponsors will be able to use the logo of the mission on their documents, they will be partners in the book about the witnesses of Spoutnik -1 .

Contact point for sponsors:

Prof, Victor KOURILOV
National commisar for the space flight
3-e Proiezda Mariinoi Roscha
Moscow 127018 Russian Federation
fax: +7 095 121 80 57

Prof, Audouin DOLLFUS
Administrateur de l'AéCF
6 rue Galilée-75116 PARIS
fax: +33 1 47 23 72 31

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