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Professor AA Blagonravov is giving the first details
about Spoutnik 1 during the conference of the
internationnal year of geophysics Washington,
on october 5th 1957 , the day that followed the launching

The origine of the first Spoutnik were explained by V Gubarev in n° 40/77 of the Soviet magazine "  New Times " (Pravda -Dec 7th 1955).

In 1955, the Presidium of the Russian Socety of sciences sent to hundreds of Scientists the following: "Could you comment on the possible use of earthly satellites. According to you, what realisation could be done in space?"

The answers were very different .Some of them were concrete proposals but others just answered: "These strange ideas dont interest us at all ; we can't ignore a space flight until 2000".or "we can't see what pratical applications could bring satellites".

These observations were done by very famous scientists only 2 years before the launching, of the first Spoutnik.We don't want to make fun of these answers : some who did them became very strong supporters of Astronautics . But they allowed us to see clearly S.P. Korolev's prophetic genius, who, from 1954 ,assured that it was quite possible without delay to launch an earthy satellite "To my mind he wrote, it wold be better to create from now a research center in charge of study of satellites and the analyses of the correlative problems."

The plans of Spoutnik still existed at the time when the future boss of the researche center was writing these words, but that needed three years of " trementous efforts " one of the members of Korolev's shift's words, to send the first Spoutnik , called " the very simple " by the shift in charge of its perfecting.

An informal gethering meeting took place on August 30th 1955 in the soviet science society , vice president's office...

The Central Bureau of the Party had instructed the Society of Sciences to accelerate the perfection work of an earthy satellite.

"In a year or and half , said Sergei Korolev, we will have the launcher These 's no time to waste .."...

Laïka was on board of the following Spoutnik and the first studies of the ionosphere still belonged to the futur .

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