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LOGO contest open to every body ending on 15 jully 1997.

For the 40th anniversary of yhe launching of Spoutnik 1 and the beginning of the Sapce Conquest,, The Radio club FR5KJ invites you to contribute to its action, sending to the club your drawings of a " LOGO " on the subject.

It will be drawn on a sheet " canson " paper 240by 320 mm with a free space 40 mm large all around the draw.

The shape of the drawing is free, but you have to remain it simple in order to have an easy reproduction on different support : it will realised on a black with small stars background using 3 colours , blue, white and red on the french and russian flags.Must be writte, on the drawing  " Spoutnik 40 ans (in french and russian) 1957-1997 "

No name and address must be written on the drawing part, they will be written at the back of the drawing with a text, hand written, explaining the logo. It will be signed by the drawer with this sentence, " Participation of M (name and address) to the Spoutnik logo contest, agree the rule , Who abandons all his rights to FR5KJ date 1997 " The absence of this mention will cancel in fact the participation of the drawer. Limit date for the reception is the 15 july 1997..

The Jury will choose the best projects which will be awared and will choose the one which will be officialy reproducted. All the drawings sent will remain the property of the club which be able to use them freely..

You can send your logo now to the Radio Club : FR5KJ 103 rue de la République 97489 SAINT DENIS cedex ou via email at sysop's

As soon as they arrive all the drawings will be on the Web site and every body could see them (click on " the Earth turning " just above the name "INTRODUCTION")